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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Ketika kita mendengar Flu Burung, pasti terbayang oleh kita suatu penyakit ganas & mematikan. Sebagian besar kita memnag belum mengenal secara pasti apa sebenarnya flu burung itu, bagaimana penyakit ini bisa terjadi dan bagaimana cara kita mencegahserta menangani penyakit flu burung.Kami akan membantu bagaimana mengenal lebih jauh mengenai penyakit flu burung melalui Seminar Kesehatan Elken
dr. Probosuseno, SpPD
Flu Burung
  • Tenaga pengajar Luar Biasa Fakultas kedokteran Universitas Gajah Mada (UGM) Yogyakarta
  • Dokter bagian SMF penyakit dalam RSUP Dr. Sardjito Yogyakarta

    Denny Taruli, S.Si, APt
    Meningkatkan Sistem Kekebalan Tubuh Dengan Produk Elken
    seminar Akan diadakan :
    hari Sabtu, 17 September 2005
    jam 13.30-16.30
    bertempat di Elken Kantor Cabang Yogyakarta.
    Jl. Prof YohannesNo. 1214R Yogyakarta,Tiket Rp. 5000 (Copy makalah)
    undangan hub (0274) 882211/081328747325


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    Hospital Construction Tips by Steven Moshe

    Whether you are an investor, project owner or a contractor who just entering Hospital building construction, these few tips among thousands others will be useful for you.

    Hospital construction is not How to erect the building itself but thousands aspects must be studied carefully and well understood. Failing to understand the aspect will cause in Lay-outing and budget inefficiency and effectiveness and worse will cause in system malfunctioning.

    Hospital is considered the second grade building in complexity and Risk factors after Nuclear Plan construction. If we talking about Nuclear plan, the risk is Nuclear leakage which will contaminate hundreds or thousands surrounding people, but if we talk about Hospital, we are talking about Nosocomial. Nosocomial is undetected bacterial spread by patient to healthy people who come into a Hospital which the spread is exponentially. That’s why many Hospital restrict children under 13 years old to enter a Hospital unless they are sick since their antibody / self immune still developing even the Hospital has done some sterilizing the vicinity through anti germ fogging, UV, etc.

    Preparation for a construction :

    · Market research ( Feasibility Study etc ) determining type of Hospital ( Cardiac, Children, General etc ), total beds etc
    · Sketch design and lay-outing
    · Gather the Hospital and medical equipment ( Brand and system to be used )
    · Fetching the M/E information
    · Study and select the IT or software system
    · Collecting data ( SOP, employee RR )
    · Preliminary drawing
    · Maturing the design with choosing the right material
    · Maturing and matching the Medical equipment, Hospital Equipment, M/E would be installed, IT software etc and matching with the design
    · Starting construction

    Market research ( Feasibility Study etc ) determining type of Hospital ( Cardiac, Children, General etc ), total beds etc

    Feasibility Study or FS is a must stage for any business. FS for a hospital include the statistic data of the surrounding people about their age, mortality rate, majority disease, living standard, etc which are very helpful to determine which type of Hospital and total beds as well.

    Sketch design and lay-outing,

    Operational and construction permits must have been in hand before this stage.
    Sketch design and lay-outing ,study the efficient and effective human ( patients, medics and paramedics flow ) and equipment flow. Some expert will draw each room based on section and each section must connect other correlated department. When we are talking about accident and trauma, one thing always put in mind is quick handling. Quick and successful handling means preserving life. I.e Emergency section, Blood Bank, Surgery Room, ICU, Radiology, Lab must be adjacent each other. Other inspection for soil data etc must have been accomplished during this stage and let the

    Gather the Hospital and medical equipment ( Brand and system to be used )

    As you know that medical world change very rapidly and we must keep up with it. Cardiac CT Scan is different with regular CT Scan. Some developing country still used double slice CT Scan ( or even single slice )while some others use 64 slice CT Scan capable for cardiac scanning.( we heard some brand developed 256 slice CT. Amazing ) and different brand has its own characteristic in size, electric consumption, etc. Never forget to coat Plumbum ( Pb ) for Radiology section
    Wall. If you would like to digitized your hospital, all equipment are equipped with DICOM capability for PACS ( Pictures Advance Comm System ) where negative film use is reduced or even eliminated and using secure Wi Fi throughout the hospital for patient input data to Doctors PDA and from PDA transferred to Hospital servers. As DICOM consume large bandwith, you also should installed Hi Speed cable data ( Category 6 cable ).

    Fetching the M/E information

    From UPS, Lift, Elevators, escalator, sincronized Generator back up etc to get max result and efficiency.

    Study and select the IT or software system

    Software is customized and make sure that IT software is capable and has experience in Hospital software before avoiding your Hospital as their Trial and error.

    Collecting data ( SOP, employee RR )

    Each department must have strong in Standard Opeartion Procedure to reduce Moratlity rate, which contribute in incredibility, profit lost, and legal issues.

    Preliminary drawing

    This is the second stage of design. Though this design data is clear enough but is not yet mature for construction.

    Maturing the design with choosing the right material

    This stage is close to construction

    Maturing and matching the Medical equipment, Hospital Equipment, M/E would be installed, IT software etc and matching with the design

    Why do we put so many stage for design? You have come to this stage after all data from M/E have been collected. The design is almost completed and ready for construction. You still have to matching and readjust how the equipment fixed to be installed. This stage means all the equipment supplier meet together and do brainstorm. All wiring diagram discussed in this stage and takes times to complete. Make them speak about their equipment weak points ! Are you going to put a sprinkler on ceiling above your CT Scan and jeopardize your expensive equipment if the sprinkler spray water during malfunction or you put Fire Extinguisher in CT Scan room ? What kind of Fire Ext ? What a huge lost if you miss this small thing !! How to prevent the bacterial entering Sterile Surgery area ? Putting air tight door and fogging or UV is not enough. You must use positive air pressure differential. What kind of air condition and filter type? How to prevent laminary or turbulent flow of the Air condition inside the surgery room ? What is the flow procedure of sterile and after surgery instrument ? Many things must be discussed during this stage. Digging up the weak point of other suppliers will help.


    Things or Jobs that may rise or Required in Hospital Industry :

    - Ambulatory Care / Outpatient
    - Anesthesia Information Management
    - Application Service Providers (ASP)
    - Behavioral Health
    - Budgeting
    - Cardiology
    - Claims Administration / Processing
    - Claims Auditing / Analysis
    - Clinical Data Repositories (CDR)
    - Clinical Information Systems (CIS)
    - Clinical Outcomes / Protocols
    - Coding Products / Services
    - Community Health Information Networks (CHIN)
    - Computer Training
    - Computerized Patient Records (CPR)
    - Consultants
    - Credentialing / JCAHO
    - Customer Relationship Management
    - Decision Support
    - Dictation / Transcription / Voice Recognition
    - Dietary / Food Service
    - Disaster Recovery
    - Document Imaging / Optical Disk Storage
    - E-commerce
    - E-procurement
    - Education (Patient)
    - Education (Staff / Medical)
    - Education Tracking
    - Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) / Electronic Billing
    - Emergency Department
    - Employee Health
    - Enterprisewide Systems
    - Financial Systems
    - HIPAA Products and Services
    - Hand-held Devices
    - Hardware
    - Help Desk
    - Home Health
    - Hospital Information Systems (HIS)
    - Human Resources
    - Immunization Tracking
    - Integration / Interface Engines
    - Internet / Intranet Technologies
    - Labor and Delivery / Fetal Monitoring
    - Laboratory Information Systems (LIS)
    - Long-term Care
    - Managed Care
    - Market Research
    - Master Person Index (MPI)
    - Materials Management / Supply Ordering
    - Medical Device Interfaces
    - Medical Records
    - Network Monitoring
    - Network Security
    - Networking / LAN / WAN
    - Occupational Health
    - Office Automation
    - Outsourcing
    - PACS / Image Management
    - Patient Identification Cards
    - Pharmacy / Drug Management
    - Physician Practice Management
    - Point-of-service / Data Collection
    - Project Management
    - Quality Assurance (QA) / Risk Management / Infection Control
    - Radiology Information Systems (RIS)
    - Recruiters / Employment Search Firms
    - Scheduling
    - Staff Scheduling
    - Surgery / OR Management
    - Systems Integration
    - Telecommunications Products / Services
    - Telemedicine / Teleradiology / Telepathology
    - Time and Attendance
    - Wireless Communications
    - Workflow Systems
    - Admissions / Discharge / Transfer (ADT)

    What will a hospital could give for services ?


    - Alzheimers/Neurogenerative Diseases
    - Anesthesia (Department of)
    - Arthritis Center
    - Asthma Center
    - Bone and Joint Disease
    - Bone Marrow Transplantation Center
    - Breast and Gynecologic Cancer

    - Women's Physician Group
    - Primary Care Associates of Norwood
    - Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center
    - Internal Medicine Associates

    - Community Health Center
    - Cancer
    - Cancer - Clinical Services
    - Cancer - Treatment Centers
    - Cardiac Center
    - Cardiac Surgery
    - Center for Cardiovascular Disease in Women
    - Center for Excellence in Nursing Practice
    - Cerebrovascular Surgery
    - Clinical Laboratory Division (Department of Pathology)
    - Colo-rectal Surgery
    - Cutaneous Cancer
    - Dash Diet Home Page
    - Dermatology (Department of)
    - Dermatology
    - Diabetes
    - Dialysis
    - Emergency Medicine (Department of)
    - Endocrine Cancer
    - Endocrinology, Diabetes and Hypertension
    - Executive Health Program
    - Endoscopy

    - Fibroid Center
    - Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Endoscopy
    - Gastrointestinal Cancer
    - General and Gastrointestinal Surgery
    - General Gynecology
    - General Medical Service
    - General Obstetrics and Gynecology
    - Genetics
    - Genitourinary Cancer
    - Gynecologic Oncology
    - Head and Neck Cancer
    - Hematologic Oncology
    - Hematology
    - Hematology - Benign
    - Hospitalist Program
    - Infectious Disease
    - Infusion
    - Internists Associated
    - Longwood Skull Base Program
    - Lown Cardiovascular Group
    - Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
    - Maternal Fetal Medicine
    - Medicine (Department of)
    - Menopause
    - Metabolic Support Service
    - Midwifery Practice
    - Neurologic Cancer
    - Neurology (Department of)
    - Neurosurgery (Department of)
    - Neurophysiology
    - Newborn Medicine (Department of)
    - Nuclear Medicine (Division of)
    - Nursing
    - Nutrition
    - Obstetrics and Gynecology (Department of)
    - Obstetric Anesthesia
    - Occupational Medicine
    - Oncology
    - Oral Surgery
    - Orthopaedics
    - Oral Medicine, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Dentistry
    - Orthopaedic Surgery (Department of)
    - Otolaryngology
    - Pain Management Center

    - Palliative Care
    - Pathology
    - Pharmacy
    - Physiotherapy
    - Plastic Surgery
    - Podiatry
    - Psychiatry
    - Partners Center for Human Genetics
    - Partners Neurology
    - Partners Online Specialty Consultations
    - Pathology (Department of)
    - Patient Care Services
    - Pediatric/Adolescent Gynecology
    - Pharmacoepidemiology
    - Pharmacy
    - Plastic Surgery
    - Pregnancy and Childbirth
    - Primary Care
    - Private Primary Care Practices
    - Program for Diabetes in Pregnancy
    - Psychiatry (Department of)
    - Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
    - Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program
    - Radiation Oncology
    - Radiology (Department of)
    - Renal
    - Respiratory/Chest Medicine
    - Renal Transplantation
    - Reproductive Medicine
    - Rheumatology, Immunology and Allergy
    - Sarcoma
    - Skeletal Health and Osteoporosis Program
    - Sleep Disorders
    - Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center
    - Spine Surgery
    - Surgery (Department of)
    - Surgical Oncology
    - Telemedicine
    - Thoracic Cancer
    - Thoracic Surgery
    - Transplant Services
    - Trauma and Burn Center
    - Toxicology
    - Urology
    - Vascular Surgery
    - Women's Health
    - Weight Management
    - Women's Musculoskeletal Center

    Starting construction

    Are you ready ? Get the safety helmet, safety shoes and Get the piles down

    All information above hopefully would be such a helpful hints for you. We are not afraid of telling some of the tips above, Its just tiny information among thousands others must be gathered before everything is settled for construction. Our experience said that after we have reached maturing design and beginning the construction, or even the architectural and interior development, the lay out and redesigning occurred. Each hospital equipment brand has its own characteristic.


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